We find out how industry regulations have changed three years on from Australia’s Montara oil spill, and we take a close look at what data journalism can do for environmental reporting.

We look at the complex issue of violence as an occupational hazard for Journalists in Latin America, why the latest plan to save the Murray Darling River has been called ‘laughable’ by the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, and we’ll hear how a community responds to Dart Energy beginning construction on the company’s first coal seam gas pilot production wells in the state.

We hear about gas bubbling up through the Condamine River, near Chinchilla in Queensland, we question Australia's involvement in carbon offset forestry programs in Indonesia, and discuss the Federal Government's cuts to green building incentives

We look at the emotional impacts of fly-in fly out work arrangements for workers and their families, the most recent Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change report – and an update on clashes at James Price Point gas project site in Western Australia.

We look at the health effects of living near an aluminium plant, electronic waste, and the latest, surprising update for coal seam gas in inner Sydney.

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell has introduced legislation to overturn a longstanding ban on uranium mining in the state.
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