Coal for carbon credits and Indigenous rights

The Clean Development Mechanism is the United Nations carbon trading framework. To meet Kyoto protocol reduction targets, nations can offset their domestic emissions by supporting projects - such as renewable energy and public transport - in other parts of the world. However these so called ‘credits’ now also include the creation of new coal fired power stations. This isn’t the first time the Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism has decided coal can qualify for credits, but this most recent inclusion goes against its own technical advice. Steven Hertz is a Senior Attorney with the Sierra Club, based in San Francisco. 

Last month marked the fifth anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, but was has this international convention meant in Australia? Since 2007, while there’s been a national apology to the Stolen Generations and a look at constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people - all while there has been the Intervention in the Northern Territory, and the passing of the Stronger Futures legislation. 2SER’s Stephanie Quine spoke with Stephen Keim, president of Australian Lawyers for Human Rights.

With Jessica Minshall
October 2012