Fullerton Cove CSG, Murray Darling, Write Against Impunity

We look at the complex issue of violence as an occupational hazard for Journalists in Latin America, why the latest plan to save the Murray Darling River has been called ‘laughable’ by the Wentworth Group of Scientists, and we’ll hear how a community responds to Dart Energy beginning construction on the company’s first coal seam gas pilot production wells in the state.

Fullerton Cove
Local resident and president of the Fullerton Cove Action Group Lindsay Clout speaking about the blockade just north of Newcastle, against Dart Energy beginning construction on their Coal Seam Gas pilot production wells, and Elaine Johnson, a Solicitor with the NSW Environmental Defender's Office, is acting on behalf of Fullerton Cove residents and taking the case to the NSW Land and Environment Court. They speak with Third Degree's Jessica Minshall.

Murray Darling Basin Plan criticised
A third version of the river plan was released earlier this month, and the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists are alarmed the amount of water to be put back into the Murray-Darling is still much less than what is needed. They say the plan “would not pass a science test, a fairness test, a governance test, it would not even pass the laugh test”. Third Degree’s Simon Unwin spoke to Tim Stubbs, an Environmental Engineer from the Wentworth Group.

PEN 'Write Against Impunity'
PEN International have launched a campaign against the violence faced by journalists and writers in Latin America. Called Write Against Impunity, PEN are hoping to spotlight the issue and counter the self-censorship for safety journalists in places such as Mexico have resorted to. Jessica Minshall speaks with Cathal Sheerin, Researcher and Campaigner at PEN International on Latin American issues

With Jessica Minshall
August 2012