Olympic Dam challenge and Argentina nationalises Oil

The Federal Court gives the go ahead for the expansion of the Olympic Dam uranium mine in South Australia. Kevin Buzzacott, Arabunna elder from Lake Eyre,  was taking on BHP Billiton, the State of South Australia, and the Federal Environment Minister. He has a long history of holding governments and industry to account, and campaigning against uranium mining on his land, both in and out of the courts. The planned expansion of the Uranium, copper and gold mine near Roxby Downs will see a phenomenally largescale open pit mine, a mine that will take 6 years just to excavate. Kevin Buzzacott is in conversation with Jessica Minshall.

In Argentina the Government has renationalised one of the countries largest oil companies. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has taken back the country’s largest oil company, seizing a controlling share from Spanish Repsol. YPF was Argentina’s national oil company until 1993, when Argentina underwent one of several privatisation programmes.The re-nationalisation is popular in Argentina. But the move has drawn widespread criticism and warnings verging on threats from the Spanish government, credit agencies, trade bodies and the EU.  Shant Fabricatorian spoke to Luis Costa, Argentine Social Researcher for Ipsos Public Affairs.

With Simon Unwin
April 2012