Industrial contamination

A look at industrial pollution, environmental regulations and communities affected by contamination.

Troubled Waters is a briefing document about the dumping of mine tailings waste into lakes, rivers and oceans. We speak to Ramsey Hart, Canada Program Coordinator with Mining Watch Canada.

Recent changes to the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) were prompted by flaws dramatically highlighted by the series of leaks and spills from the Kooragang Island plant in Stockton, Newcastle last year. Clearing the Air was produced by the NSW Environmental Defender's Office for the NSW Nature Conservation Council (NCC) about the changes to the EPA. Pepe Clarke, CEO of NCC outlines his concerns with changes to the board.

We also hear from Kate Johnson from the Stockton Community Action Group formed after the Orica spills, and a Community Representative on the new EPA pilot - the Newcastle Consultative Committee on the Environment.

With Jess Minshall
March 2012